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The Sea Goddess Bard :: Short Story Stories Essays

The Sea Goddess' Bard The sun had recently move over the stone segments and wave beaten, characteristic curve that shaped the eastern mass of the cove; a sheer stone precipice rimmed the western outskirt. The pre-fall slow time of year was at last approaching its end and the seething surf was starting to tame. The waters were still unreasonably unpleasant for angling, however Kiauch had his rowboat out in the focal point of his dad's protected straight. I don't have the foggiest idea, Rajath. Kethral shook his head as he watched his stiff-necked, oldest child move the boat over the inlet. The youthful minotaur's dull structure showed up obviously against the white of the spritsail even at this separation. Kiauch stresses me. He's well away from the stacks and curve. For whatever length of time that he doesn't go past the headland, he ought to be fine, Rajath consoled his sibling. No! Kethral snapped, I mean all that versifier babble. Gracious. Seen independently, one could without much of a stretch error one sibling for the other. Both had the equivalent brilliant earthy colored coat, however where Kethral was square assembled and amazing, Rajath had a touchy, slim effortlessness. Since the time that storm on his underlying journey all he discusses is turning into a troubadour. A poet of all things! Before then he was unable to hold back to be a fisher. Having a boat snap in two under your feet is sufficient to startle anybody, Rajath brought up as Sekra, his lady of the hour of under two months went along with them on their vigil. Give Kiauch time. He'll come around. He would do well to, the senior Os'Liath protested. Quite a while in the past, he had guaranteed his previously destined to Vestiya, and the Lady of the Sea had no resilience for vow breakers. Sekra grinned as she watched her nephew. Being new to the family, she saw what the others appeared to ignore. In spite of their outward contrasts, her brother by marriage and his child were essentially indistinguishable. When both of them got a thought in his mind there was no deterring him. Sekra especially questioned that Kiauch ever would 'come around.' Sekra wheezed as an incredible wave slammed her nephew's rowboat. I don't have the foggiest idea, she said as Kiauch eased into it and, beside a decent soaking, figured out how to keep his vessel above water. Take a gander at the way he's wearing on the waves; that doesn't look like dread to me. Well, Kethral thundered somewhere down in his throat. Ok, Sekra's correct. Kiauch is not any more scared of the ocean than he is of relaxing.

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Marie Antoinette free essay sample

Sovereign Marie Antoinette lived in France Just more than 200 years back. Toward an amazing beginning, she was encircled by adoration by the individuals and extravagance. Be that as it may, after numerous long periods of despair and vanish, Marie kicks the bucket a detainee. Contempt by a large number of customary individuals and abandoned by the vast majority of her rich companions. We see Marie life change drastically by a couple of various choices made. There were numerous issues that encompassed the deplorable passing of Marie, yet individuals neglect to perceive what great she brought to France and how she was extraordinarily Judged by all the individuals of France. There are various mentalities that people in general had. This was affected by numerous issues including her experience being Austrian and the various translations that were laid of her, and above all, the impact that she had on the French Revolution. As Maries life was short by dieing at 37 years old she had an incredible effect on France and even the world. We will compose a custom exposition test on Marie Antoinette or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Marie Antoinette was conceived in Austria, a little girl of Francis l, Holy Roman Emperor, and Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. She was conceived on a similar day as the celebrated tremor of Lisbon. Similarly as with most regal little girls, Marie Antoinette was guaranteed in marriage all together uild a strategic partnership between her introduction to the world family and the group of her better half. Marie Antoinette wedded the French dauphin, Louis, grandson of Louis XV of France, in 1770. He rose the seat in 1774 as Louis WI. Marie Antoinette was invited in France from the start. Her triviality appeared differently in relation to the pulled back character of her significant other. After her mom kicked the bucket in 1780, she turned out to be progressively unrestrained and this prompted developing disdain. The French were dubious of her connections to Austria and her effect on the King in endeavoring to cultivate approaches agreeable to Austria. Marie Antoinette, in the past invited, presently was denounced for her ways of managing money and resistance to changes. The 1785-86 Affair of the Diamond Necklace, an outrage where she was blamed for engaging in extramarital relations with a cardinal so as to get an exorbitant precious stone accessory, further ruined her and pondered the government. After an underlying moderate beginning at the normal job of childbearer, her better half evidently must be trained in his job in this; Marie Antoinette brought forth her first kid, a little girl, in 1778, and children in 1781 and 1785. By most records she was a given other. The mentality towards Marie Antoinette was negative for essentially for as long as she can remember. It began with issues with her family life. Marie Antoinette discovered her better half and life at court exhausting. She invested a large portion of her energy with her companions and dismissed her obligations. The French started to state that she was a senseless outsider who invested an excessive amount of energy. Her prominence expanded after her first youngster was conceived in 1778. Despite these changes, the open kept on reprimanding her for her past She was called Madame Deficit, and turned into the subject of explicit, genius developmental purposeful publicity. While the expression, Let them eat cake was never spoken by Marie Antoinette, the talk delineates the open notion for the sovereign on whom they accused each grievous condition. Similarly, the Diamond Necklace Affair contributed further to the sovereigns downfall despite the fact that she had no association in the circumstance at all. With an end goal to expand his status inside the French court, Cardinal de Rohan succumbed to Comtesse de La Motte who employed a whore to act like the sovereign and meet the cardinal in the Versailles garden around evening time and afterward old the cardinal that the sovereign wanted for him to buy a luxurious jewel jewelry for her sake. The accessory was bought in the sovereigns name, given to La Motte by the cardinal, who thusly offered it to her significant other who sold it in London. The outrage became open when the Jeweler requested installment for the neckband from the sovereign. In spite of the fact that both the cardinal and La Motte were pursued for their wrongdoings, the circumstance prodded on more bits of gossip. At the point when a horde dropped on Versailles in 1789, requesting blood, Marie Antoinette confronted the group alone, going out on an overhang with a bow and curtsey. The family was then moved to the Tuilere Palace in Paris where they were kept on house capture. The familys endeavor to escape in 1791 was frustrated by the methods for transportation picked by the sovereign herself. Declining to abandon her youngsters to follow her and the lord, Marie Antoinette demanded that the family escape together in a bigger, more slow mentor than initially proposed, which empowered their catch. On August 10, 1792, the illustrious family was captured on doubt of injustice and on January 21, 1793, King Louis XVI was executed. After her spouses passing, in July 1793, Marie Antoinettes child was aken from her. The poor lady asked that her child be permitted to remain however she was frail to change the desire of the pastors. The kid was put under the consideration of Simon, a shoemaker and one of the Commissaires of the Commune, and kicked the bucket of disregard inside two years. In September 1793, Marie Antoinette was isolated from her little girl and sister in law. Presently called Widow Capet, Marie was moved to long stretches of isolation in the wet Conciergerie jail, where she was under twenty-four hour monitor by progressives who from behind their screen kept a close eye on her. The Conciergerie jail was the vestibule to death. In this moist jail, she lost a lot of weight and her vision started to fizzle, however she didn't have long to live. On October 14, she was woken by the Revolutionary Tribunal. The preliminary was a loathsomeness, with the Queen assaulted more as an individual than as a sovereign. Her own child had to affirm that she manhandled him. The sovereign boldly answered to all charges and to this she stated, If I make no answer, it is on the grounds that I can't, I offer to all moms in this crowd. Regardless of her expert articulation, the decision was never in question. Like the ruler, Marie was seen as liable. At the point when she went to her demise on October 16, 1793, many panted for Marie Antoinette was Just 38, however the group saw (as craftsman David outlined) an old witch in worker attire, worn out and dim a conspicuous difference to rich and attractive Queen of Trianon, the offspring of fortune, she had been Just 4 years sooner. Marie Antoinettes in the trash truck in the midst of the groups whistles and Jeers. However, the poor lady sat straight and attempted to hold her pride. As far as possible, Marie Antoinette showed a sovereigns bearing and fearlessness, even with all difficulty. After her last experience, the group of Marie Antoinette was brutally pushed on to the guillotine board, her head put in the bad habit and around early afternoon the sharp edge tumbled to boisterous cheers all round. Never has Piere Duchesne considered such To be as observing that prostitutes head isolated from her crains neck. Sanson held her draining head high for all to see. Later her head was seat in the truck between her legs. The assemblage of Marie Antoinette was left on the grass before being dumped in a plain grave. So finished the life of once the most renowned and glitzy lady in all Europe.

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How to Write a Comprehensive Thesis Proposal

How to Write a Comprehensive Thesis Proposal Regardless of type of the paper you are writing (whether you write a short essay or a research paper) your thesis proposal paper is the most valuable part of the work done. Of course, some may say it is probably proved to be one of the trickiest part to formulate. Keeping this in mind, you need to remember that correctly organized and well-written thesis proposal serve to reveal the purpose of your document or work, thereby thesis proposal is used as identifier to present to the reader the structure of your thoughts listed, the way the paper is organized and gives a picture on your whole work (in the perspective of: worth reading or not). Without stating strong thesis, your arguments later in the writing, may seem weak, not relevant and boring to the readers. Thesis proposal statements must be clear and constructive. This is called to help your reader understand the topic in general, follow your thoughts in the document (by falling into trap of the strong arguments provided by you in the document) as well as to explain your position on this topic and, in the most successful scenarios, to convince your reader to take your side. The purpose of composing the thesis proposal is to state the essence of the material in the form of definitions. First of all, it is necessary to determine what kind of paper needs to be accompanied with thesis proposal because all your further work will depend on understanding this part. If the research paper is already done and written, then a thesis proposal statement can be made on its basis. But there is another possible scenario: when the thesis proposal is formulated firstly (providing with the brief essence of the work) and only after that the research work is about to be written. Most often scenario is as following: thesis proposal correlates with the purpose of the research, its goals, it presents conclusions based on the analysis or it provides with new methodology justified in the work. Writing a good proposal requires plenty of thought and preparation. A successful research proposal will provide evidence of: a strong proposition or clear central question that you want to pursue a description of the originality and potential contribution of your research a basic plan for the thesis structure preliminary ideas about your methodology familiarity with existing research in your chosen area an awareness of the resources, skills and sources required to successfully complete the project. Thesis proposal outline The first step in writing proposal for thesis is to prepare a rough draft for it. It is worth remembering that planning ahead and creating the draft version of your proposal, is the key. It may seem sophisticated though, but all you need at this stage is to prepare a document which will serve as a draft for now. Once you have completed your draft, check it, proofread it and send it to your supervisor, who will provide you with his first feedback and add some comments on it. The final proposal submitted with your research will be build up on this very first draft. If you receive a lot of comments and feel overwhelmed about how much you need to change, edit or cross out from your draft, you might think of giving up on the writing already. But all you need now to stay strong and remember that this is a start of the process. It is a common thing that many ideas and will be reworked after the feedback received, thus in the end your proposal will be changed as well. However, the more solid statements, proved points and remarkable elements you are able to provide at this stage, the stronger your proposal will be. Thus, the example of proposal outline can be as following. A Basic Proposal Outline includes: Introduction Topic area Research question Relevance of the knowledge Literature review Previous research conducted Highlighting the weak points of the previous research and finding the unanswered questions. Your draft of the work Methodology Approach selected Data to be provided Analytic methods to use Presentation of the results discovered. Expected results stated References and other sources cited. Another useful touch writing a thesis proposal (either you are writing master thesis proposal or writing proposal for phd thesis) is to stay creative. A modest proposal thesis A Modest Proposal is an essay that uses satire to make its point. The main purpose of a satire is to spur readers to remedy the problem under discussion. The main weapon of the satirist is verbal irony, a figure of speech in which words are used to ridicule a person or thing by conveying a meaning that is the opposite of what the words say. That’s why having created a modest proposal thesis, it would allow you to define an original central question and outline your answer on it. Answering your central question, establishing a strong standpoint and assessing the validity of your central argument will be the driving force of your research. Your prospective supervisor may suggest further reading and skills to develop before submitting a revised version of the research proposal. This process will improve the strength of your final proposal and your application’s chances of success. All in all, if you are not sure that how to do it properly or don’t have much time for doing it, our advice is to ask for help from professional services.

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A View Into Social Media And Healthcare - 1581 Words

We Can, but Dare We? A View into Social Media and Healthcare â€Å"According to the Measuring the Information Society Report 2014 by the International Telecommunication Union, nearly 3,000 million people use the Internet, which is more than 40% of the world s population (7,200 million). There are almost as many mobile-cellular subscriptions (6.9 billion) as people on Earth, more than three quarters of them (5.4 billion) in the developing world, and more than half (3.6 billion) in the Asia-Pacific region† (Fernà ¡ndez-Luque Bau 2015). With the ever-increasing use of technology, it was only a matter of time before it was integrated in the way healthcare functions and communicates. This media is increasingly becoming a tool for supporting†¦show more content†¦Protecting Patient Rights In 1996, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted to protects patient’s medical record, as well as exchanges between healthcare professional abou t patient care and treatment. In addition to HIPAA, the Privacy Rule was published in December 2000, but later modified in August 2002. â€Å"This Rule set national standards for the protection of individually identifiable health information by three types of covered entities: health plans, health care clearinghouses, and healthcare providers who conduct the standard healthcare transactions electronically† (Secretary n.d.). The Privacy Rule covers the individual’s past, present, and future physical or mental health or condition; provision of healthcare; and the payment of provision from electronic, paper, or/and oral media. Violation of this act can cause a patient economic harm, embarrassment, and discrimination, which violates the medical bioethics of nonmaleficence – to do no harm. There are two ways in which a healthcare professional can include actual patient information that are acceptable by HIPAA regulations. One, a patient can sign a consent form allowing their personal information to be shared on a social outlet. Second, a patient’s personal information can be de-identified. De-identified health information neither identifies nor provides any practical way to identify an individual, a

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William Carlos Williams A Poor Old Woman - 993 Words

Poets of the 20th century often experimented with the rules of poetry and in doing so unmade, then remade the poem as we know it. Some followed Ezra Pound’s advice to â€Å"make it new.† Modernist poets would experiment with the structure of poems by changing line spacing, line length and combining prose with poetry to create stanza paragraphs. They often tested different ways by which to convey their messages by playing with syntactic organization and line breaks. William Carlos Williams, perhaps best known for his experimentation with line breaks and sentence structure, avidly experiments with the effects produced by the alteration of lines and sentences. In his poem â€Å"To a Poor Old Woman,† Williams writes the same sentence: â€Å"They taste good to her† four times within his poem, but changes which word of the sentence receives the emphasis each time the sentence appears (235). The first time we encounter the sentence it can be read straight through in the same way one would speak it and we see that the plums taste good to the old woman. The following line stops after the word good and leaves the rest of the sentence for the beginning of the following line. This brings emphasis to the subject of the sentence, the woman, and receives further weight as the sentence begins again within the same line â€Å"to her. They taste.† The sentence then ends on the final line of the stanza that stresses the word â€Å"good† as the opening word of the line. This line concludes with the word â€Å"her† whichShow MoreRelatedWilliam Carlos Williams Progressing Views of Women Essay1136 Words   |  5 Pages William Carlos Williams is a leader of the Modern Poetry movement with peers such as Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot, but broke away from it to experiment more in his own style. He was extremely creative, playing with forms and styles of writing and not restricting himself to poetry, however, which he excelled at. The subjects of his poems were not always people, but specific images, especially momentary ones. Many of his poems start with the word The, which indicates that the poem will describeRead MoreHow Is the Doctor/Patient Relationship Reflected in These Poems and Stories? What View of William Carlos Williams’s Struggle as a Doctor and Poet Does the Doctor Stories Present?997 Words   |  4 Pagesnot. Doctor Williams always seems to put on a frown on his face depending on the type of patients he sees. For example, in the story â€Å"Jean Beicke†, doctor- patient relationship reflects the fact that he focuses on her in particular over the other children and help s her to gain weight and sort of overcome her sickness for a while. Thus this made the child gain trust for the doctor and responded to him well. On the other hand in the story â€Å"A Night in June† Williams Carlos Williams claims to admireRead MoreI Felt Like Making A Deep Breath Of Fresh Air1728 Words   |  7 PagesIt is my impression that a poem is complicated, obscure, and must have deep meaning. However, after reading William Carlos Williams’ poems, I felt like making a deep breath of fresh air. It was the first time I felt that poems could be simple like this. In his poems, everything is expressed in simple words. Even a reader as me, an international student, could understand his words easily. Also, the images he described are the common but neglected scenes. Nonetheless, when I closed the book, some ofRead MoreHow to Read Lit Like a Prof Notes3608 Words   |  15 Pagesa. Whenever people eat or drink together, it’s communion b. Not usually religious c. An act of sharing and peace d. A failed meal carries negative connotations 3. Nice to Eat You: Acts of Vampires a. Literal Vampirism: Nasty old man, attractive but evil, violates a young woman, leaves his mark, takes her innocence b. Sexual implications—a trait of 19th century literature to address sex indirectly c. Symbolic Vampirism: selfishness, exploitation, refusal to respect the autonomy of other people, usingRead MoreBrief Survey of American Literature3339 Words   |  14 PagesSettlers’ Writings Highly religious and pragmatic - John Smith, founder of Jamestown, Virginia; Pocahontas - John Winthrop, â€Å"A Model of Christian Charity†: â€Å"†¦ We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us†¦Ã¢â‚¬  - William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation (1630-50, pub. 1856) - Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672), The Tenth Muse (1650), the first volume of poems published by a resident of the New World - Edward Taylor (1642- 1729), Preparatory Meditations (1682-1725Read MoreRestoration Tragedy3561 Words   |  15 Pagesand threadbare stage devices. It has been seen how, notwithstanding all the changes which had taken place in the literary and social conditions of the times, and in those of the performance of plays, the theatres were reopened in 1660 with favourite old plays; but now, side by side with the surviving traditions, new influences were at work.  2   Among these influences, the operatic element, which owed its first introduction to D’Avenant, became specially powerful in tragedy, and helped to bring aboutRead MoreDorothy Day: An Advocate for The Poor Essay2573 Words   |  11 Pagesconviction? To all, Dorothy Day is all of the above. To many, she is a saint; a woman of true selflessness, who compassionately put the lives of the broken before her own. She is the icon of the kind of leader that everyone else, anyone else, can be, not by changing other peopl e but by changing themselves (Chittister). Throughout her life, Dorothy Day was a herald to the church, a leader to the state, and an advocate for the poor. Dorothy Day entered the world in Brooklyn, New York on November 8th, 1897Read MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Works Of Miguel De Cervantes1783 Words   |  8 Pagesfor five long years. He returned not as a war hero but another man ravaged physically and mentally by the battles he had lived through, but he did not let this experience kill him. Thirty two years later, on the same day England mourned the loss of William Shakespeare, Cervantes finally passed away. Within these thirty two years Spain had grown to adore Cervantes and celebrate him as Spain’s most beloved novelist. Like any other artist, Cervantes’ life experiences influenced his works which had earnedRead MoreThe Confederate States of America Essay2781 Words   |  12 PagesStates. It was created by Southerners from all walks of life, ranging from the gentry to the good ol boys. They loved their culture so much that they created a country. It was a country of blue skies, green hills, beautiful meadows and for ests, and old-fashioned Southern hospitality. There were large plantations that grew some of the finest crops in the world. Though this country seemed Utopian, its creation soon instituted the bloodiest war in American history, the War For Southern Independence.Read MoreEssay Edgar Allan Poe3220 Words   |  13 Pageshardship; a quality which was reflected in his writings. Poe was born the son of a pair of traveling actors. His father, David, was at best a mediocre actor who soon deserted his wife and son. His mother Elizabeth, on the contrary, was a charming woman and talented actress. His life, no doubt, would have been much different were it not for the fact that she died of tuberculosis in 1811 when Poe was not quite three. This event scarred him for life, for he would always remember his mother vomiting

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Bite Me A Love Story Chapter 9 Free Essays

9. Tenderloin If you’re looking for a great taco in San Francisco, you go to the Mission district. If you want a plate of pasta, you go to North Beach. We will write a custom essay sample on Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 9 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Need some dim sum, powdered shark vagina, or ginseng root? Chinatown is your man. Hankering for stupidly expensive shoes? Union Square. Want to enjoy a mojito with an attractive, young professional crowd, well you’ll want to head for the Marina or the SOMA. But if you’re looking for some crack, a one-legged whore, or a guy sleeping in a puddle of his own urine, you can’t beat the Tenderloin, which was where Rivera and Cavuto were investigating the report of a missing person. Well-persons. â€Å"The theater district seems somewhat deserted today,† said Cavuto as he pulled the unmarked Ford into a red zone in front of the Sacred Heart Mission. The Tenderloin was, in fact, also the theater district, which was convenient if you wanted to see a first-rate show in addition to drinking a bottle of Thunderbird and being stabbed repeatedly. â€Å"They’re all at their country homes in Sonoma, you think?† Rivera said, with a sense of doom rising inside him like nausea. Normally at this time of the morning, the Tenderloin sidewalks ran with grimy rivers of homeless guys looking for their first drink of the day or a place to sleep. Down here you did most of your sleeping during the day. Night was too dangerous. There should have been a line around the block at Sacred Heart, people waiting for the free breakfast, but the line barely reached out the door. As they walked into the Mission, Cavuto said, â€Å"You know, this might be the perfect time for you to get one of those one-legged whores. You know, with demand down, you could probably get a freebie, being a cop and all.† Rivera stopped, turned, and looked at his partner. A dozen raggedy men in the line looked, too, as Cavuto was blocking the light in the doorway like a great, rumpled eclipse. â€Å"I will bring the little Goth girl to your house and film it when she makes you cry.† Cavuto slumped. â€Å"Sorry. It’s all kind of getting to me. Teasing is the only way I know to take my mind off of it.† Rivera understood. For twenty-five years he’d been an honest cop. Had never taken a dime in bribes, never used unnecessary force, had never given special favors to powerful people, which is why he was still an inspector, but then the redhead happened, and her v-word condition, and the old one and his yacht full of money, and it wasn’t like they could tell anyone anyway. The two hundred thousand that he and Cavuto had taken wasn’t really a bribe, it was, well, it was compensation for mental duress. It was stressful carrying a secret that you could not only not tell, but that no one would believe if you did. â€Å"Hey, you know why there’s so many one-legged whores in the Tenderloin?† asked one guy who was wearing a down sleeping bag like a cape. Rivera and Cavuto turned toward the hope of comic relief like flowers to the sun. â€Å"Fuggin’ cannibals,† said the sleeping bag guy. Not funny at all. The cops trod on. â€Å"If you only knew,† said Rivera over his shoulder. â€Å"Hey, where is everybody?† asked a woman in a dirty orange parka. â€Å"You fuckers doing one of your round-ups?† â€Å"Not us,† said Cavuto. They moved past the cafeteria line and a sharp young Hispanic man in a priest’s collar caught their eyes over the heads of the diners and motioned for them to come around the steam tables to the back. Father Jaime. They’d met before. There were a lot of murders in the Tenderloin, and only a few sane people who knew the flow of the neighborhood. â€Å"This way,† said Father Jaime. He led them through a prep kitchen and dish room into a cold concrete hallway that led to their shower room. The father extended a set of keys that were tethered to his belt on a cable and opened a vented green door. â€Å"They started bringing it in a week ago, but this morning there must have been fifty people turning stuff in. They’re freaked.† Father Jaime flipped on a light and stood aside. Rivera and Cavuto entered a room painted sunny yellow and lined with battleship gray metal shelves. There was clothing piled on every horizontal surface, all covered, in varying degrees, with a greasy gray dust. Rivera picked up a quilted nylon jacket that was partially shredded and spattered with blood. â€Å"I know that jacket, Inspector. Guy who owns it is named Warren. Fought in Nam.† Rivera turned it in the air, trying not to cringe when he saw the pattern of the rips in the cloth. Father Jaime said, â€Å"I see these guys every day, and they’re always wearing the same thing. It’s not like they have a closet full of clothes to choose from. If that jacket is here, then Warren is running around in the cold, or something happened to him.† â€Å"And you haven’t seen him?† asked Cavuto. â€Å"No one has. And I could tell you stories for most of the rest of these clothes, too. And the fact that clothing is even being turned in means that there’s lot of it out there. Street people don’t have a lot, but they won’t take what they can’t carry. That means that this is just what people couldn’t carry. Everyone in that dining room is looking for a friend he’s lost.† Rivera put down the jacket and picked up a pair of work pants, not shredded, but covered in the dust and spattered with blood. â€Å"You said that you can link these clothes to people you know?† â€Å"Yes, that’s what I told the uniformed cop first thing this morning. I know these people, Alphonse, and they’re gone.† Rivera smiled to himself at the priest using his first name. Father Jaime was twenty years Rivera’s junior, but he still spoke to him like he was a kid sometimes. Being called â€Å"Father† all the time goes to their head. â€Å"Other than being homeless, did these people have anything in common? What I mean is, were they sick?† â€Å"Sick? Everyone on the street has something.† â€Å"I mean terminal. That you know of, were they very sick? Cancer? The virus?† When the old vampire had been taking victims, it turned out that nearly every one of them had been terminally ill and would have died soon anyway. â€Å"No. There’s no connection other than they were all on the street and they’re all gone.† Cavuto grimaced and turned away. He started riffling through the clothing, tossing it around as if looking for a lost sock. â€Å"Look, Father, can you make us a list of the people these clothes belong to. And add anything you can remember about them. Then I can start looking for them in the hospitals and jail.† â€Å"I only know street names.† â€Å"That’s okay. Do your best. Anything you can remember.† Rivera handed him a card. â€Å"Call me directly if anything else comes up, would you? Unless there’s something in progress, calling the uniforms will just put unnecessary steps in the investigation.† â€Å"Sure, sure,† said Father Jaime, pocketing the card. â€Å"What do you think is going on?† Rivera looked at his partner, who didn’t look up from a dusty pair of shoes he was examining. â€Å"I’m sure there’s some explanation. I don’t know of any citywide relocation of the homeless, but it’s happened before. They don’t always tell us.† Father Jaime looked at Rivera with those priest’s eyes, those guilt-shooting eyes that Rivera always imagined were on the other side of the confessional. â€Å"Inspector, we serve four to five hundred breakfasts a day here.† â€Å"I know, Father. You do great work.† â€Å"We served a hundred and ten today. That’s it. Those in line now will be it for today.† â€Å"We’ll do our best, Father.† They moved back through the dining room without looking anyone in the eye. Back in the car, Cavuto said, â€Å"Those clothes were shredded by claws.† â€Å"I know.† â€Å"They’re not just hunting the sick.† â€Å"No,† Rivera said. â€Å"They’re taking anyone on the street. I’m guessing anyone who gets caught out alone.† â€Å"Some of those people in the cafeteria saw something. I could tell. We should come back and talk to some of them when the priest and his volunteers aren’t around.† â€Å"No need, really, is there?† Rivera was scratching out numbers on his notepad. â€Å"They’ll talk to the paper,† Cavuto said, pulling in behind a cable car on Powell Street, then sighing and resolving himself to move at nineteenth-century speed for a few blocks as they made their way up Nob Hill. â€Å"Well, first it will be covered as amusing stuff that crazy street people say, then someone is going to notice the bloody clothes and it’s all going to come out.† Rivera added another figure, then scribbled something with a flourish. â€Å"It doesn’t have to come back to us,† Cavuto said hopefully. â€Å"I mean, it’s not really our fault.† â€Å"Doesn’t matter if we get blamed,† said Rivera. â€Å"It’s our responsibility.† â€Å"So what are you saying?† â€Å"I’m saying that we’re going to be defending the City against a horde of vampire cats.† â€Å"Now that you said it, it’s real.† Cavuto was whining a little. I’m going to call that Wong kid and see if he has my UV jacket done.† â€Å"Just like that?† â€Å"Yeah,† Rivera said. â€Å"If you go by Father Jaime’s example, they’ve eaten about three-quarters of the Tenderloin’s homeless in, let’s call it a week. If you figure maybe three thousand street people in the City, you’re talking about twenty-two hundred dead already. Someone’s going to notice.† â€Å"That’s what you were calculating?† â€Å"No, I was trying to figure out if we had enough money to open the bookstore.† That had been the plan. Early retirement, then sell rare books out of a quaint little shop on Russian Hill. Learn to golf. â€Å"We don’t,† Rivera said. He started to dial Foo Dog when his phone chirped, a sound it hadn’t made before. â€Å"The fuck was that?† asked Cavuto. â€Å"Text message,† said Rivera. â€Å"You know how to text?† â€Å"No. We’re going to Chinatown.† â€Å"A little early for eggrolls, isn’t it?† â€Å"The message is from Troy Lee.† â€Å"The Chinese kid from the Safeway crew? I don’t want to deal with those guys.† â€Å"It’s one word.† â€Å"Don’t tell me.† â€Å"CATS.† â€Å"Did I not ask you not to tell me?† â€Å"The basketball court off Washington,† Rivera said. â€Å"Have that Wong kid make me one of those sunlight jackets. Fifty long.† â€Å"You get that many lights on you they’ll have you flying over stadiums playing Goodyear ads on your sides.† How to cite Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 9, Essay examples

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Personalities and how they contributed free essay sample

Personality traits like Stalins paranoia gave rise to his expansionist policy, which hardliner Truman viewed as aggression and tried to counter it in the Truman Doctrine and Marshall plan. Traumas low level of experience in dealing with Stalin also increased tensions and led to the cold war. Stalin was aggressive and protective of the USSR as he was a true hardliner communist and believed that Russia had to stay strongly communist. However, the USSR was invaded thrice in no more than a century and also suffered civil war and intervention from anti-communist forces from 1 918 to 920, when communism as an ideology was at infancy.These anti-communist forces comprised of the West when they helped the Whites during the Bolshevik Revolution. From this, Stalin believed that the West wanted to destroy communism before communism became stronger. His mistrust grew as he became paranoid and thought of the West as a potential security threat this was because This prompted his embarking on salami tactics ( an expansionist policy) so that Communism would remain strong in Eastern Europe. We will write a custom essay sample on Personalities and how they contributed or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Gradually the Russians began to systematically interfere in the countries in Eastern Europe to set up pro-communist governments, in countries like Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania and Romania. Stalin felt that his actions were justified for the defense of communism, and that salami tactics were absolutely necessary. He did not realize that his actions had frightened the West. What he failed to consider was that the west was not interested in destroying communism but was looking more towards post war cooperation.The west showed this through the decisions made at the post-war conferences when Russia was allowed to take reparations from Germany and t was allowed to benefit from the loans from the west, known as the Lend Lease. His paranoia in embarking on the expansionist policy ( comprising Salami tactics) when juxtaposed with Traumas hardliner views, only served to heighten suspicion and tensions, leading to the Cold war. Similarly, Truman became suspicious of the Users intent towards eastern Europe.He was a hardliner president who stood firmly against Communism, and was intolerant of the needs of the USSR . Truman saw Stalins actions as a breach of the Declaration of Eastern Europe where Stalin had promised to low countries like Poland free elections but failed to do so, instead carrying out the reverse and forcing communist governments in these countries through rigged electrocutions, with his hardliner view that communism was bad, viewed Stalins moves as being remarkably similar to Hitters salami tactics, and that the USSR was embarking on aggression.In addition he felt that if he did not stop Stalin, Stalin would think that Eastern Europe was his for the taking and capitalism would perish. This in t urn led to the formation f the Truman Doctrine and Marshall plan which would serve to increase tensions (elaborated below)Secondly, the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. The West formulated the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall plan to contain communism in Greece and Turkey. Communists were trying to overthrow the monarchy but British troops who restored the monarchy in the past were feeling the strain of supporting it against the communists. The British prime minister appealed to the USA and Truman announced that it would support free peoples who are resisting subjugation by armed minorities or by outside erasure and Greece received massive amounts of aid and the communists were defeated. The funds of the Truman doctrine were obtained through Congress where Truman portrayed the situation in Greece and Turkey as part of the global communist threat.Traumas low level of experience prevented him from realizing that Stalin would see the Truman doctrine as an attempt to subvert them. In other words, he did not deal with Stalin before, and did not see that his portrayal was excessively confrontational and would serve to heighten Stalins paranoia and escalate his mistrust towards the West. Similarly, the Marshall plan was formulated to facilitate economic reco very in Eastern Europe.By September, 16 nations had drawn up a joint plan for using American aid and in total over 13000 million dollars of Marshall Aid was given to western European countries. However, the west did not consider the impact that the Marshall plan would have on how the USSR viewed them. Traumas low level of experience with dealing with the Stalin prevented him from seeing that the Stalin was sensitive about Users economic Status (Stalin fused to ratify the the Breton Woods agreement so that the West would not realize how economically weak the USSR was in 1945.The Breton woods agreement was a system to acquire international currency stabilization which required foreign access to sensitive economic data. Stalin viewed the policy as dollar imperialism and as a blatant American device for gaining control of western Europe, and made all Russian states reject the offer. The Truman doctrine and the Marshall plan would eventually prompt Stalin( along with his paranoia) to come up with the Conform and the Common which served to unify all Eastern European satellite states.

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Spring Phenology and Climate Change

Spring Phenology and Climate Change As spring arrives we notice the changing of seasons by the weather, but also by a host of natural events. Depending on where you live, the crocuses may poke through the snow, the killdeer may be back, or the cherry trees may bloom. There is an orderly sequence of events that seem to occur, with various spring flowers appearing in order, red maple buds bursting into new leaves, or the old lilac by the barn scenting the air. This seasonal cycle of natural phenomena is called phenology. Global climate change appears to be interfering with the phenology of many species, at the very heart of species interactions. What Is Phenology? In temperate regions like the northern half of the United States, there is comparatively little biological activity in winter. Most plants are dormant, and so are the insects feeding on them. In turn, animals that rely on these insects  such as bats and birds are hibernating or spending the cold months in more southerly locations. Ectotherms like reptiles and amphibians, which take their body warmth from their environment, also have active phases tied to the seasons. This long winter period constrains all the growing, breeding, and dispersing activities that plants and animals do to a short favorable window. That’s what makes spring so vibrant, with plants flowering and putting on new growth, insects emerging and breeding, and birds flying back to take advantage of this short-lived bounty. The onsets of each of these activities add up to so many phenological markers. What Triggers Phenological Events? Different organisms respond to different cues to initiate seasonal activities. Many plants will start growing leaves again after a set period of dormancy, which very roughly dictates the leaf-out window. Cue that more precisely determine when the buds break can be soil temperature, air temperature, or water availability. Similarly, temperature cues can promote the beginning of insect activity. Day length itself can be the operative trigger for some seasonal events. It is only when there are a sufficient number of daylight hours that reproductive hormones will be produced in many bird species. Why Are Scientists Concerned with Phenology? The most energy-demanding period in the life of most animals is when they reproduce. For that reason, it is to their advantage to coincide breeding (and for many, the raising of young) during a period when food is most abundant. Caterpillars should hatch just as the young tender leaves of oak tree emerge, before they harden and become less nutritious. Breeding songbirds need to time the hatching of their young just during that peak in caterpillar activity, so they can take advantage of this rich source of protein to feed their offspring. Many species have evolved to exploit peaks in resource availability, so all these seemingly independent phenological events are indeed part of a complex web of precise interactions. Disruptions in seasonal events can have profound effects on ecosystems. How Is Climate Change Affecting Phenology? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in a 2007 report, estimated that spring arrived earlier by 2.3 to 5.2 days per decade in the previous 30 years. Among hundreds of observed changes, the leafing out of ginkgo trees in Japan, the flowering of lilacs, and the arrival of warblers have all shifted earlier in the year. The problem is that not all these shifts happen at the same rate, if at all. For example: Winter moths have been timed to hatch just when the young oak leaves burst from their buds. With climate change, both have been happening earlier in the year, but significantly more so for the winter moth hatch. The young emerging caterpillars then starve and die.Some North American migratory songbirds have advanced their arrival data. However, at least one of the main tree species they forage on has shifted its leafing out even earlier. Birds might then be missing the peak in availability of insects that are found on these trees and provide the energy and protein needed by the birds at the beginning of their nesting season. These types of misalignment of important events in nature are called phenological mismatches. There is much research underway currently to recognize where these mismatches might be occurring.

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How to Conjugate Brosser (to Brush)

How to Conjugate Brosser (to Brush) The French verb brosser means to brush. To say I brush my teeth or She is brushing her hair, you would use the reflexive se brosser. (Je me brosse les dents and Elle se brosse les cheveux.) Brosser is a regular -er verb. How to Conjugate the French Verb Brosser Like any regular -er verb, you start conjugating brosser by determining the stem. The stem is bross- (the infinitive minus -er), and you complete the conjugation by adding the ending that matches the subject pronoun and tense youre using. These charts will guide you to choosing the proper ending. Present Future Imperfect Present participle je brosse brosserai brossais brossant tu brosses brosseras brossais il brosse brossera brossait nous brossons brosserons brossions vous brossez brosserez brossiez ils brossent brosseront brossaient Subjunctive Conditional Pass simple Imperfect subjunctive je brosse brosserais brossai brossasse tu brosses brosserais brossas brossasses il brosse brosserait brossa brosst nous brossions brosserions brossmes brossassions vous brossiez brosseriez brosstes brossassiez ils brossent brosseraient brossrent brossassent Imperative (tu) brosse (nous) brossons (vous) brossez How to Use Brosser in the Past Tense To say you brushed something, youll most likely use the passà © composà ©. Brosser uses the auxiliary verb avoir and its past participle is brossà ©. However, whenever youre constructing the passà © composà © with a reflexive verb, the auxiliary verb is à ªtre. For example: Je me suis  brossà © les dents.I brushed my teeth. Il a brossà © le chat.He brushed the cat.

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Explain the concepts of diversity management and equal opportunities, Essay

Explain the concepts of diversity management and equal opportunities, and discuss possible dilemmas that might occur when firms seek to pursue both a diversity - Essay Example Moreover, the workplace is subject to a staggering array of governmental regulations governing many aspects of the composition, organization, and treatment of the workforce. Before these changes, the workforce is historically divided homogeneously in organisational sub-groups (blue-collar, white-collar, unskilled workers, ethnic sub-groups). However, as the globalisation of the business arena has spawned, labour market discrimination (segmentation) had become a wall that could hamper employees to work effectively. Globalisation has brought about the transformation of demographic patterns. As organisations are becoming the microcosm of society, the government and other sectors have pushed organisations to follow some guidelines in hiring people. Ultimately, globalisation means the internationalisation of the business environment. Multi National Corporations (MNC), therefore, are increasingly taking note of their sinister practices of discrimination and considering the possible advantages of a diversified workforce. According to Beamish, et al. (2003), diversity can refer to many things. However, when it comes to workforce management, it commonly has two meanings, one having to do with numerical composition and one having to do with inclusive behaviour. Most frequently, workforce diversity is thought of in terms of numerical composition. A â€Å"diverse workforce† is one that reflects the many different kinds of people in the community or society, usually meaning men and women of different ethnic origins, educational experiences, professional backgrounds, and so forth. When a firm says it must increase its workforce diversity, it usually means hiring more women and ethnic minorities, or citizens of different countries, and promoting them more fully into all levels of the company. In the UK, Clements (2006) revealed that a recent survey of private sector employment equality practices in

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Societal Changes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Societal Changes - Assignment Example We just know we do not want any part of it. Introduction The issue of stereotyping, which also leads to a form of racism, can be seen in both the population and within the police force and the type of interactions that occur. When looking for someone to blame for why certain crimes happen, it is easy to think automatically that if someone thinks, looks and acts within a narrow visual framework, then it is easy to blame that person and that group of people (Bradshaw & Roseborough, 2005). The issue of Muslims has a tender spot in the minds of many Americans who see all Muslims as perpetrators of bombings and terrorism in the country. Whenever something happens in the country, people automatically assume it was done by a Middle Eastern Muslim terrorist. As we have also seen, the bomber can also be a Western Muslim terrorist, such as in the case of the Shoe Bomber in 2001 (Elliot, 2002). 1.With the recent bombing of the Boston Marathon, and the near-beheading and death of a British soldi er on a London street, tensions have been running high with the public, particularly in England. There have been numerous protests, and police, both in England and in the United States, have been told to look for groups of people, who might commit crimes against Muslims directly, or on or around property owned by Muslims. It is very hard for people to understand that when one, or a few, members of a group have committed a crime against others, it does not mean that all people of that group will be doing that same sort of crime (Gabbidon & Greene, 2013). When people look for the enemy, the only thing they have to go on is what the enemy would typically look like. In a war, one side knows that a certain uniform represents the enemy, and that there may be other physical identifications, such as an Asian appearance, for wars conducted in World War II and Vietnam. In a more modern day, and in modern warfare conducted today, appearances are far more deceiving and it is hard to know who th e enemy is. Some have dressed up in Western army uniforms and then turned guns on unsuspecting Western soldiers. Even seeing women with burkas and, especially with full face veils, promotes the concept of hiding something that makes identification possible (Moore, 2010). Therefore, those who hide behind veils, or ski masks, are potentially considered an enemy. It would be easy to suspect that some other person may be under that burka and veil besides a normal Muslim woman. While in Muslim countries, veils are rarely given a second thought, in Western countries, it is important for Muslim people to respect parts of the society they are now living in, and to let women remove the veil so it is not so threatening. Integration with their new society is essential to their success. Living as if they were still in their own land and observing their own rules without regard to the new country, is not acceptable (Moore, 2010). 2. There are several solutions to the issue of racial profiling. A ) In the first case, Muslims can take matters into their own hands by meeting law enforcement members of their community and getting to know the neighborhood police who conduct regular beats in the area (Bradshaw & Roseborough, 2005). Making friends, or at least, acquaintances, allows the police: to 1) know who they are individually; 2) establish

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Ann rule- Dead At sunset Essay -- essays research papers

This book is just one account of what took place on that fatal September 21, 1986 night. It was a warm and beautiful Sunday night on the Sunset High way in Oregon when Cheryl Keeton was brutally bludgeoned body was found in her van, in the fast lane by a motorist, Randall Kelly Blighton who just stopped to see if he could offer any type of help.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Randall Blighton saw a silhouette of an infant in the vans window which now he says was a car seat. He felt that he couldn’t just pass by after he had just dropped off his own children with their mother. When he first arrived by the van he set out flares to make sure that everybody knew that the van was there. He then went to open the drivers side door and found that a woman’s purse was jammed between the accelerator and the firewall, that would explain the continually motion forward. He could see that a figure was lying across the front seat and that the head was tucked into the chest just over the passenger seat. He could see that the figure had on one loafer type on one foot that looked feminine. As he searched to turn on the emergency flashers and was unable to find them, not knowing that they were over head. He felt the floor to see if there was a baby. However, as he felt around he realized that the floor and seats of the van and realized why it was so hard to see through the drivers side window that was splattered with something dark, blood. Nevertheless, he felt it was more important to keep searching to find the baby instead of stopping. He shuddered and didn’t get how there could be so much blood in the van if it hadn’t been hit by another vehicle. Randall then hopped in the drivers seat and moved the van on to the shoulder of 79th where it met sunset highway. Mr. Blighton then ran to the passenger side door, which was slightly open to see if the woman had a pulse when he could not feel one he then ran to get help. He finally came to a house and told them to call for help. Thomas Stewart Duffy Jr was on duty that night at Washington County Fire District Number One. The call came in roughly at 8:44 that night. They had many calls come in from the sunset highway and most proved fatal. They arrived to see the blue Toyota van parked facing north along 79th . The man was covered in dark spots and they weren’t sure just what they were getting into. When they arrived at the woman ... ...s fear. Brad later left the house and it was a mess Sara was unsure if he was ever to return and went to the house with a realtor only to find the locks and high tech security system had been changed. Did you know?  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  This would be the second case to be tried in civil court for a murder with no weapons just circumstantial evidence.  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Cheryl Keeton could see that Brad would kill her and was warned by many close friends never to be alone with him but felt she had to go and get her children back that fatal Sunday night.  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Brad Cunningham grew up in a divorced household where he was not wanted by his father and was never to see his mother or have any contact with her. After she had an affair with a Hispanic man and was caring his child.  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  He had a brother that never was able to have a relationship with a woman.  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Been married 4 times before Sara, seemed not to marry for love but for control and to get what ever he wanted. Eight years after killing his divorced wife in Portland, Oregon, Brad Cunningham was finally convicted of her murder

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How Do You Actually Learn to Love Yourself Essay

5 ways to learn to love yourself more 1-Do something kind: There are lots of different ways to do something kind, but one of the best, long-term ways you can do something for someone else is by volunteering. For example, you could help out at a local swimming club, befriend an elderly person or use your marketing experience to promote a local charity. 2-Become your hero for the day: If you want to try this out for yourself choose someone that you can identify with, but who is also well known for his or her confidence. Then begin to act like them. Although you don’t have to speak in their accent, envisioning your hero can have a surprisingly positive impact upon your own body language and tone of voice. 3-Retrain your thoughts: How many times in a day do you think negatively about yourself? Now ask yourself how many times you compliment yourself during the day.A great way to alter your behaviour and learn to love yourself is to retrain the way you think. You can do this by following up every negative thought you have about yourself with a positive. For example, if you tell yourself that you are ugly, old or overweight, follow this bad thought up with something positive, like: ‘I have great skin, hair and a good smile’. Increasing the number of positive thoughts you have about yourself during the day will hopefully help you to enjoy being you and will help to boost your self-esteem. 4-Admit your flaws and take action: We all have flaws and that’s fine. It is just something that we have to accept. Yet some people’s flaws can interfere with their life and become an obstacle that stands between them and their happiness. If you have a flaw that is becoming a problem it is time to admit that you need to change. 5-Relationship analysis: There are some people in this life that are just no good for us. If you have friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or colleagues who undermine you, belittle you or are just plain mean, you need to have a thinking about confronting them about their behaviour. This can be extremely daunting, especially if they bully you. Remember though that no one has the right to put you down and the only way people will stop acting in this way is if they know you won’t accept it. Be brave, plan what you are going to say so that you can communicate clearly and then sit down and talk through your issue face to face. If the problem continues it might be time to consider cutting them out of your life altogether. Life is too short to waste on people that don’t make you feel good and hanging around with negative people will make it hard for you to love yourself.

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Why I Didn t Be A Midwife - 1025 Words

I climbed our stairs around midnight, carefully and quietly. I knew Ben had already been asleep for a while and I didn t want to wake him up. I had just fed Brode and needed to get him all swaddled up before laying him down to sleep. As I placed my sweet son on the bed, wide-eyed and with a crooked smile, I starred at him and began to weep. The week prior, I had battled a particularly stubborn case of Mastitis and was on the tail end of recovery. I was concerned about the amount of time it was taking for the soreness to resolve and I was worried that I still had a clogged duct. I wanted to ask my friend, Emily, who is in her last year of grad school to become a midwife, and because I trust her with all my medical questions increasingly more that any doctor, about my slowly recovering Mastitis. After a quick discussion regarding lumps vs. ducts, she told me about two tragic stories of women who were seen postpartum for what they thought were clogged ducts, but happen to be stage 4 breast cancer. Later that day I heard of a woman who had passed the evening after she delivered happy and healthy twin babies, and after 6 years of infertility, from complications surrounding her c-section. My heart was heavy that day for these women I knew nothing about, except for their stories of pain and loss. That night as I looked down at my 2 1/2 month old baby boy, I played the movie. What if the lumps in my breast aren t glands, but cancer? What if I had stage 4 breast cancer? What ifShow MoreRelatedRelationship Between The Woman And Midwife1316 Words   |  6 PagesThorogood, Tracy, 2015). The relationship between the woman (and her whanau) and midwife should incorporate trust and respect, as well as recognise the equal partnership and expertise that each party possesses within midwifery practice (Guilliland Pairman, 2010). Care can be individualised based on the woman’s holistic needs, mutual goals can be set, and informed consent facilitated (Guilliland Pairman, 2010). I feel that my ability to develop partnerships in practice has improved since my lastRead More Laurel Ulrichs A Midwifes Tale Essay1289 Words   |  6 PagesUlrichs A Midwifes Tale   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Before I watched A Midwifes Tale, a movie created from the diary found by Laurel Ulrich chronicling the life of a woman named Martha Ballard, I thought the women in these times were just housewives and nothing else. I pictured them doing the cleaning and the cooking for their husbands and not being very smart because of the lack of education or them being unable to work. My view on the subject changed however when I watched this specific womans life and herRead MoreSocrates : The Father Of Philosophy Essay1518 Words   |  7 Pagesanything and even didn t like being call a teacher due to the sophist. Plato instead wrote the convictions of Socrates to let the reader understand his master’s teachings for themselves.   In Plato’s dialogues, the Apology and Euthyphro, we can analyze what it meant to be a philosopher according to Socrates, a man who lived by his principles and was will to stand with them even though it could cost him his life. Socrates didn’t like to be called a teacher due to the fact that he didn t want to be consideredRead MoreChristmas Speech : Christmas Of Christmas1580 Words   |  7 Pagestake. I fancy going to the Supreme Court to attempt to reschedule Christmas for March 2019; y know change the face of consumerism and tradition as we know it - but Christmas means Christmas... this is deficient of fanfaronade, and straight to the point. There s evidence of festivities too, only several days ago, the ubiquitous Costa thermal takeaway cup had a festive knitted make-over,as if kitted out by wool loving Trinny Woodall, well, it s getting colder; or I am getting older... I veRead MoreThe Day Of An Ox Essay2555 Words   |  11 Pagessteppe. I need you over here. I couldn t run through all the various animals we had, so I sprinted around the menagerie. Half way across, I heard the laborious bay of an ox. It s probably giving birth, I thought to myself. Just as I rounded the herd, I saw my father and cousin, who was more a like another brother, besides what it looked to be an ox giving birth. Who knew, right? As I walked over to the scene, my dad waved me over impatiently. I moved at a faster pace, but it was a wary pace. I m alwaysRead More Witch Hunt Mania - 1450 to 1750 Essay1372 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom a man?s rib, they are only ?imperfect animals? and ?crooked? where as man belongs to a privileged sex from whose midst Christ emerged.?(Malleus Maleficarum, 1486)?(2). The men that wrote Malleus Maleficarum refer to the bible for reasons to why they consider women evil, so if the Church had never incorporated such things into the bible such things may have never been thought. Many ancient myths portrayed goddess?s as evil. Consequently those images of evil were kept and later attached to witchesRead MoreChurches, Factories, Fans And Failing Plans2558 Words   |  11 Pagesfew weeks, I m hoping you have enough time on your hands to come to the ball I m throwing for it? Southern Balls are quite extravagent if I do say so myself, much more fun then the ones up in the northern states. says Zachariah, a smile on his face. I have a few slaves who are quite good at singing and playing on the banjos and such. Might let them in to play for everyone. Though it would mean buying them fancier clothing. he sighed, then shrugged his shoulders. I will see if I have the timeRead MoreWhat Is Dogtown And Why Has It Started The Skateboarding Revolution?2453 Words   |  10 PagesWhat is Dogtown and why has it started the skateboarding revolution? Dogtown is an are of West Los Angeles- the poorer slum area on the south side, it was a territory occupying Santa Monica that covered Venice beach and Pacific Ocean Park beaches started form punk kids wanting to be something. Brain child and photo journalist Craig Stecyk would conceive the right to take photographs which would come to define the Dogtown movement and become the most influential skateboarding team ever assembled.Read MoreThe Poem â€Å"Saturdays Child†, Written By Countee Cullen,1877 Words   |  8 Pagesauthor may also be talking about every single Black man during the early 1900s. I think that the author could be referring to every Black man in America in the early 1900s as this week or because about was how every Black man felt about his upbringing. Also, I am convinced that the author, Countee Cullen, is not referring to himself as the speaker of the poem, he is referring to all the Black men that were in that time. I think that there is a probability that the author could be speaking about himselfRead MoreThe Pregnancy Anxiety And Tips For Coping With Childbirth Anxiety9776 Words   |  40 Pagestips for coping with childbirth anxiety, I have interviewed psychologist Carol Hicks. Tell me a little bit about yourself. I have a MA degree in Psychology and I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years with a specialty in hypnotherapy influenced by Milton Erickson. My ex husband and I wrote The Answer Within as a clinical framework for Ericksonian hypnotherapy in 1983 and I have conducted extensive training in this approach to therapy. I currently operate a booming private practice