Thursday, July 23, 2020

How to Write a Comprehensive Thesis Proposal

How to Write a Comprehensive Thesis Proposal Regardless of type of the paper you are writing (whether you write a short essay or a research paper) your thesis proposal paper is the most valuable part of the work done. Of course, some may say it is probably proved to be one of the trickiest part to formulate. Keeping this in mind, you need to remember that correctly organized and well-written thesis proposal serve to reveal the purpose of your document or work, thereby thesis proposal is used as identifier to present to the reader the structure of your thoughts listed, the way the paper is organized and gives a picture on your whole work (in the perspective of: worth reading or not). Without stating strong thesis, your arguments later in the writing, may seem weak, not relevant and boring to the readers. Thesis proposal statements must be clear and constructive. This is called to help your reader understand the topic in general, follow your thoughts in the document (by falling into trap of the strong arguments provided by you in the document) as well as to explain your position on this topic and, in the most successful scenarios, to convince your reader to take your side. The purpose of composing the thesis proposal is to state the essence of the material in the form of definitions. First of all, it is necessary to determine what kind of paper needs to be accompanied with thesis proposal because all your further work will depend on understanding this part. If the research paper is already done and written, then a thesis proposal statement can be made on its basis. But there is another possible scenario: when the thesis proposal is formulated firstly (providing with the brief essence of the work) and only after that the research work is about to be written. Most often scenario is as following: thesis proposal correlates with the purpose of the research, its goals, it presents conclusions based on the analysis or it provides with new methodology justified in the work. Writing a good proposal requires plenty of thought and preparation. A successful research proposal will provide evidence of: a strong proposition or clear central question that you want to pursue a description of the originality and potential contribution of your research a basic plan for the thesis structure preliminary ideas about your methodology familiarity with existing research in your chosen area an awareness of the resources, skills and sources required to successfully complete the project. Thesis proposal outline The first step in writing proposal for thesis is to prepare a rough draft for it. It is worth remembering that planning ahead and creating the draft version of your proposal, is the key. It may seem sophisticated though, but all you need at this stage is to prepare a document which will serve as a draft for now. Once you have completed your draft, check it, proofread it and send it to your supervisor, who will provide you with his first feedback and add some comments on it. The final proposal submitted with your research will be build up on this very first draft. If you receive a lot of comments and feel overwhelmed about how much you need to change, edit or cross out from your draft, you might think of giving up on the writing already. But all you need now to stay strong and remember that this is a start of the process. It is a common thing that many ideas and will be reworked after the feedback received, thus in the end your proposal will be changed as well. However, the more solid statements, proved points and remarkable elements you are able to provide at this stage, the stronger your proposal will be. Thus, the example of proposal outline can be as following. A Basic Proposal Outline includes: Introduction Topic area Research question Relevance of the knowledge Literature review Previous research conducted Highlighting the weak points of the previous research and finding the unanswered questions. Your draft of the work Methodology Approach selected Data to be provided Analytic methods to use Presentation of the results discovered. Expected results stated References and other sources cited. Another useful touch writing a thesis proposal (either you are writing master thesis proposal or writing proposal for phd thesis) is to stay creative. A modest proposal thesis A Modest Proposal is an essay that uses satire to make its point. The main purpose of a satire is to spur readers to remedy the problem under discussion. The main weapon of the satirist is verbal irony, a figure of speech in which words are used to ridicule a person or thing by conveying a meaning that is the opposite of what the words say. That’s why having created a modest proposal thesis, it would allow you to define an original central question and outline your answer on it. Answering your central question, establishing a strong standpoint and assessing the validity of your central argument will be the driving force of your research. Your prospective supervisor may suggest further reading and skills to develop before submitting a revised version of the research proposal. This process will improve the strength of your final proposal and your application’s chances of success. All in all, if you are not sure that how to do it properly or don’t have much time for doing it, our advice is to ask for help from professional services.

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